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Dishboss Dstv Installation and Repair Services

As an accredited DSTV installer, you can trust Dishboss DStv Installers in Cape Town to carry out any repairs and maintenance you require for your antennae, satellite dish, DStv Installation , Communal system, Faulty LNB Fixing or cabling.

Satellite Installation Repairs

We Are your local Award Winning Satellite Tv and internet installation company. We are a network of Independent installers, repair technicians and Accredited Installers of DSTV Satellite TV for Business, Hospitality and Multi-Unit Apartments

Dstv Full Installations and Repairs

Our services includes both the Domestic and Corporate clients from standard to Complex DSTV installations.High-quality DStv satellite packages, including DStv equipment to meet all of your needs.DSTV Explora Installation‎Extra view setup

Dstv Explora 2 Extraview

XtraView gives you the ultimate flexibility and allows you to link two or three decoders under the same subscription. This lets you cater for everyone in your family. you still only pay one subscription (with an R85 Access Fee for each ExtraView decoder)

Home Theatre and NETFLIX

We can set up a simple internet connection to your Smart TV, Explora decoder wireless and you can then watch SHOWMAX through the explora (requires SHOWMAX subscription.)Or we can wire up your entire home, providing hard wired internet LAN points as well as WIFI access points as required.The advantages of having a LAN and WIFI network are far greater than just being able to watch NETFLIX or SHOWMAX.

iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phone, Computer & Laptop Repair

If you are having problems with your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, either at home or in your business, then give Dishboss a call. You can be guaranteed of a reliable and friendly service – no problem is too small and where we can, we will explain why it happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Up-Grade from existing Single View to HD Explora

You have a fully functioning standard single view decoder installation? and you bought a EXPLORA DECODER, you now need to get it installed. Dishboss Satellite Tv Installers will: Replace your existing single LNB with a SMART LNB and maximize signal. Remove your old single view decoder and replace with your new Explora Allowing you to enjoy the Full HD Picture quality

Why use our services

Free Quotation

Dishboss will offer you an estimate onsite, or online through our contact form.

Accredited Services

Dishboss is an Accredited Dstv Installer and authorised to work with different kinds of Dstv installations from normal households to large commercial Dstv distribution systems, including Fiber Optic Dstv Systems, SMATV networks,

24/7 Help & Support

We offer a 24 Hours Support System and our Technicians are ready to assist you at any time of the day.

Service Guarantee

At Dishboss We believe in quality, that is why are services are quality guaranteed, making sure you get the best quality always.

Proven Track Record

We have the Technical knowhow and experience to back our guarantee. With over 10 years we are confident of tackiling any technical problem you might have.

Great Customer Care

Our clients are always at our hearts, Dishboss cares about you and will go out of our way to make sure you receive the best services.

Explore Our Projects

Dishboss has participated in several projects collecting the experiences installation and use of smart home technologies. Practise shows that we have excelled in the installation and commissioning of these technologies. The projects below also prove that at Dishboss we are capable of providing quality installations and quality guidance concerning your choice of solutions and the practical use thereof.

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Dishboss Dstv Installations And Repairs

Satellite TV remains the easiest way to upgrade and transmit television signals in a digitalized form it provides a totally different flexibility and functionality than analogue television. In fact, digital technology has enabled the analog satellite channels of the 1990s to proliferate and achieve even more specific levels of segmentation.

Consider Installing Some of our Satellite TV Solutions including:
Satellite Installation Repairs
Dstv Full Installations and Repairs
Dstv Explora 2 Extraview
Home Theatre and NETFLIX
iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phone, Computer & Laptop Repair
Up-Grade from existing Single View to HD Explora

Common Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked Questions.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

A standard Dstv, Television, 80cm Dish, LNB and cabling is all you need to start enjoying Dstv. Dishboss is able to supply all these and install for you.

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The DStv Explora comes with all cables required for a typical installation. You may need additional cables if you have a more complex set-up or need longer cable runs.Some aftermarket High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables don’t work with the DStv Explora and can result in the decoder failing to boot up.You might also get dashes on the display panel. We recommend you use the supplied cables as they are within our specifications.

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This phenomenon is known as ‘rain fade’ and can occur due to weather at reception of signal or at the source causing rain fade. You shouldn’t experience any problems with your signal if the sky is overcast or if there is drizzle or normal rainfall. If you’re having problems under these circumstances, then your dish isn’t optimally installed or properly fine-tuned, and you should contact a DStv Accredited Installer to rectify the problem.We recommend that your dish size be 80cm…

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Since the launch of XtraView, we’ve only ever allowed TWO decoders to be linked. We now allow THREE decoders to be linked in XtraView under the following conditions: The only decoders that can be linked together are the DStv Explora and Single View DStv HD Decoder.The THREE decoders must include at least one DStv Explora. The PRIMARY decoder MUST always be a DStv Explora.There is an additional Access Fee to link THREE decoders in XtraView.

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What is XtraView?

XtraView is a way to keep the whole family happy and lets you get more than one channel in your home at the same time. Up until now, you’ve been able to link two decoders together (the monthly cost for this is your normal DStv subscription plus an Access Fee).Now we’re launching the ability for customers to link three decoders together (the monthly cost for this is your normal DStv subscription plus two Access Fees)Important XtraView informationThe decoders, which can…

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Dishboss Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home technology provides a totally different flexibility and functionality than conventional installations. Some of the advantages of installing smart home technology are: • Cheaper • Part of a totality • Savings also for parts of conventional installations • And The installation can be concealed

Consider Installing Some of our Smart Home Solutions including:
Home Audio Installations
Free Voucher Installation
Smart Home Services
Field Service Technician (Laptop + desktop)
Humidity Sensor In Bathroom
Heat Sensor Above The Cooker